EDW Engineering Consultants

EDW Engineering Consultants

EDW Engineering Consultants a structural engineering firm committed to providing high quality structural engineering design services to Auckland and throughout New Zealand. EDW structural engineering is committed to quality thus assuring our clientele an efficient and robust structural design is achieved. The company builds off the synergy provided among team members, clients and key stake holders to generate new ideas in order to maximize project value. Our goal is to make our client’s conceptual vision a reality.


We at EDW Engineering Consultants understand that building or purchasing a new residential property is a substantial investment for our clientèle. Whether it be a single storey timber house or multi-storey high-rise apartment complex, our team has the skills and experience to make sure it is completed as planned. Our project managers will oversee your project to assure it progresses smoothly and on schedule. We have a broad spectrum of design experience in the building industry and can provide you with a practical and realistic path to completion. Our team will consult with you to put your dream vision onto plans and oversee construction as required. If you require limited services, EDW has worked with other local housing builders and helped their clients achieve their design goals. Know you are getting a quality arieyl products and efficient home when you retain our design services. For existing residential home alterations, our team can help you change your home how you see fit. Altering an existing property could alter capacities of structural support systems and other restricted building work. Let us review you existing home to determine what will most likely be required and provide you with the options for the best plan forward. If you have an idea, contact us. We will point you in the right direction.

Commercial Building Design

The majority of our structural design work is geared towards the commercial building sector. Thus, this is the primary reason our structural engineers are pragmatic with the design objectives outline by the stakeholders. Based on our valuable experience, we can provide you with sound structural advice that can produce a cost efficient structure while meeting the clients criteria. We at EDW Engineering Consultants will help guide you through the conceptual design phase and make you aware of the potential risks, possible material increases and foreseen problematic areas prior to them becoming a major issue. We will work with all design disciplines https://incomemakerreviews.com/ throughout the life span of the project. Our services include confirming the initial assumptions made at the start of the project remain as intended throughout the project’s lifespan. The end result is a project that flows smoothly with reduced chances of unforeseen situations. We will assess all structural facets of the project and compared them with any potential foreseen risks so that the client can make the best informed decisions.   Our professional engineers will perform a structural analysis using the appropriate gravity and seismic loadings required by the governing codes to produce a safe and efficient structure. The structural system will be reviewed based on available information and a professional assessment of the structural requirements desired by the client. If you would like more information regarding this, please contact us.

Detailed Engineering Evaluations

Due to the prior earthquakes in New Zealand, some building owners will be receiving a notice from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Agency (CERA) or your local City Council requiring a detailed structural engineering evaluation to be performed on commercial and multi-unit residential Buildings. A building owner must currently comply with a minimum of 34% of the new building standard (NBS) for the building to be deemed safe for occupancy according to Section 29 and 51 of the CER Act.   If your structure is below 34% NBS, it is a requirement by law you must upgrade to at least this minimum standard to maintain its occupancy status. EDW-Engineering recommends increasing the lateral strength of the structure as close as possible to 100% NBS while considering the practicality of the objective. In many cases it is not practical from a monetary viewpoint to reach 100% NBS.   CERA has established the requirements for earthquake strengthening but is no longer an enforcing entity. Enforcement of the CER Act is now with your local council. If you receive a notice from your local council to have one completed, you must comply with the request. Most banks and insurance company will also request you have a structural evaluation performed on the building or house being purchased. This is to assure their collateral asset is meeting minimum structural standards. Requirements for banks and insurance companies may vary and minimum %NBS values among companies are not uncommon.